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Softhelp Team

Softhelp's core team consists of strong-minded people with a straightforward vision of helping the needy. This team was formed in a diverse manner so that contributions/ideas are received in all possible areas.

Aishwarya Sivakumar


A passionate philanthropist who believes when an empowered individual unleashes their potential, it can bring sustainable solutions to society and can make this world a better place.

Narayanan Krishnan


I am an aspirant movie maker. Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Raising a future leader inflicts an immense impact on society.

Subha Anand

Core Team Member

I am Chenniate, working as a product manager in IT. I strongly believe that an independent person can face the world in a more self-reliant way that makes their life fine fettle.

Abilash VM

Core Team Member

I love to spread the joy with as many people as possible which is when I joined Softhelp. I hope I can support the needy and put a smile on their face.

Hariharan L

Core Team Member

I am an IT professional working as a test engineer and also philanthropist. I perceive gods in a human smile, and I believe that smile brings zeal to everyone's life.

Leo Akash Raj

Core Team Member

An youngster with a vision to create an infant death-free nation and making love rule in all verticals where humanity is upheld above all materialistic benefits.

Monoj Kumar

Core Team Member

Prioritizing mental health is the cornerstone of well-being. As I work to support those in need, I firmly believe that nurturing mental wellness is essential for everyone's journey.

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Softhelp Educational And Charitable Trust
16, Parrie Street, Mullai Nagar,
Pakamudiyanpet, Pondicherry - 605008, India
Phone: 701-03-123-23
Registration Number: 286/2010

Softhelp was formed on 15th Aug 2007 that envisions an independent lifestyle by bringing sustainable solutions such as AI-enabled devices, standardized skill development in niche technologies, regular health monitoring, pregnant women care support, and rehabilitation for the visually impaired.

UPI: softhelptrust@indianbk
Gpay: 7010312323 (70-103-123-23)
Donations through Softhelp, registered under section 80G of India's Income Tax Act, 1961 are tax-deductible.
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